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My name is Natalia Arakelian and I’m a licensed Aesthetician. Let’s talk about how I got into skincare. I was that 10-year-old obsessed with popping pimples, cosmetics, makeup, lotions, and potions. I experimented a lot with several different products and ingredients and even administered chemical peels on myself. My fascination with skincare grew into my adult life as I began independently researching the skin- specifically Japanese and Korean skincare tips and remedies. I would give my boyfriends, friends, and family facials all the time. My favorite part was always popping their pimples with the extractor tool. I had no mercy. I’ve grown from that, TG.


I was living in Downtown, LA while studying Communications and Entrepreneurship at USC, and noticed how the environment took a toll on my skin. My skin was totally compromised by all the smog in the city. I would break out often, tried different oral contraceptives, and bake in a tanning bed before a sorority event. I did not take good care of my skin because I didn’t know which products would be best for me. Also, because I was a starving student and was spending my money on other things! As soon as I graduated and moved back to the suburbs, I noticed my skin stabilized and I stopped breaking out. I was using the wrong products while I was living in Downtown all along. I wasn’t protecting my skin from the sun, harmful free radicals, and other environmental

changes in the busy city.


After graduating with my Bachelor’s, I enrolled in Aesthetician School in Pasadena, California. At this point, I had already done so much of my own research on skincare, skin dysfunctions, and ingredients. In school, I received formal education on the skin

and began experimenting with different products and ingredients. I got a total practical experience in skincare in school. I have nursed my own skin back to health and given it life. I started this website to help do the same for you. Given my experience and research, I know what works for the skin. I am committed to clean beauty - both topical and oral remedies. It has taken me a long time to find products tailored to my skin type and conditions, but I finally got there! I’ve done the research for you. Let me compose your skincare regimen for your BEST skin yet

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